Durga Pujo

Cold winds jostle them
Leaves Shudder,
Flowers wither
And warm weather is all but gone

You pause, You look around
You start seeing them come
Flower that are white
And you can smell the sight

Its that time of the year
The goddess arrives at the door
Five days of revelry will start
She is called Goddess Durga

Ten arms and a ride on a lion
Three lotus like eyes, lush black hair,
Red-golden glow from her skin
An embodiment of creative energy

A woman of spirit and endurance
She kills evil and terror
As it roams the earth
To be known as Mahishasura-Mardini Durga

Garba by some for the victory
Some call it Bijoya Dashmi
I just go there, wearing new clothes
to eat bhog and meet friends!

~ by shadowypilgrim on October 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Durga Pujo”

  1. Heyy, happy Navrratri to you too :)

    I was there in Bongland the year after I got married, and boy, it was like everyone just suddenly woke up to celebrate. It’s a lovely time to be in India *sigh

    Nicely captured :)

  2. My folks live in Kolkata and I simply love it when its the puja time there :)

  3. Lovely Poem. Sharadiya Shubechha roilo.
    Amar post er comment e kichu Puja memories share korte parbe ki ?

  4. Rads,
    Hope to see you at a pujo!

    Yeah, its a wonderful time. Are you planning to go to a pujo near you! You should try to over the weekend.


    Thanks! Subhechha to you too. Aaj, shokale office e drive korte korte sab bhabchilam. Lots of memories in the pensieve. So much to say and so little space! I will share something!

  5. I truly admire those who can write poetry. That’s so beautiful… and so far from my abilities !

  6. A very happy dassehra to you. Its very different in the south.. but very nice!!

  7. Zhu,
    Thanks! Hope to see you more here.

    I know that! Happy dassehra to you too.

  8. Wonderful musing. This is the first time I came across a poetic take on Durga Puja in English.

    And yes, Shubo Bijoya.

  9. Shubho Bijoya
    Hyan Pujo besh bhalo keteche, as I had said I do not miss Pujo that much these days. have a good bunch of People to hang out at Pujo with :) Ar ei bar I went all 4 days from Saptami, shudhu Shoshthi baad

  10. Kalyan,

    Shoshti te o geyechilam! :)

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